Search Engine Optimization Tips

The first step for a successful launch of your project is market research. Which companies are your competitors? What websites are ranking for keywords which are your most popular keywords? What keywords have less competition while providing higher returns? Are these keywords ignored by your competition? Many times your brick and mortar competitors are different than your online competitors. By clicking here we get info about  marketing firm

-Website Structure

The structure of your site is the foundation of the optimization process. We will analyze the structure, site map, directory structure, URL structure, error pages, and content. In order for your site to get top rankings it is important to have a fast, customer friendly site structure. We will also look at your internal links, ease of navigation, anchor text and categories. These marketing factors are more important than ever to the top search engines.

-On Page Search Engine Optimization

There are several on page factors which can make your site stand out to search engines and your visitors. Each page of your website should incorporate specific keywords, phrases, and unique content. Title’s, descriptions, link titles, alt. and picture titles all play a unique role in search engine standings.

-Keyword Research and Analysis

Our keyword search goes beyond your basic Google or Yahoo keyword search. Organic Marketing Services utilize several paid keyword search tools alongside our proprietary keyword tool to select the best keywords for your campaign. It is no longer sufficient to select a few general keywords. The market is far too competitive for this old fashioned approach.

-Content Development for SEO

Our content writing along with On Page Optimization provides targeted traffic articles and content both on-site and off-site. Whether it is re-writing existing content or providing new content we will provide authoritative, well written content designed for maximum search exposure. This is another area that separates us from non USA based firms.

-Link Building

All major search engines are currently placing very high importance on link building and link popularity. Even with the best optimized website without quality links your site will find it difficult to climb to the top of search engine results and stay there. With the proper mix of incoming links, outgoing links, trackbacks, and page rank of linked pages is crucial to your results.

-Social Media

Google and most major search engines are now placing importance on Social Media. Social Media has taken the Internet by storm and should not be left out of a successful Search Engine Marketing Campaign. While this section is focused on SEO it is important to mention Social Media as an important part of your internet marketing.

Analyzing and Adjusting

SEO and SEM are both an art and a science. While there are many tried and true basic steps there is also the artfully creative approach and plain old trial and error. What is working today may not work tomorrow, what works for an e-Commerce site may not work for a pool contractor.


OMS provides monthly reports to monitor your SEO campaign. While some firms spend a significant amount of time and effort on reporting we provide our reports once a month. It is our belief that time is better spent working than it is spent reporting. The bottom line is you will see search result increases if you retain the services of Organic Marketing Services for all of your Internet Marketing needs.