Finding The Cheap hoverboards

Despite the fact that the two-wheel hoverboards have become so popular in the recent past, there is no single word that can be used to describe them. There are people who refer to them as the self-balancing scooters while others call them the two-wheel hoverboards. However, one of their special features is that they come with 2 wheels and the user balances on top. The hoverbaord will accelerate in whatever direction its deck will be leaning. To help you make an informed decision when purchasing, we decided to carry out a review of these popular hoverboards

One thing that we have noted is that it can be absolute fun to have them. You can imagine a situation where you are rolling without the need to move your legs. This is on top of the fact that each wheel moves independently and this makes it possible for you to pivot that 360 degrees in an easy manner. With this precision cornering, it will be possible for you maneuver the board in those tight spots. They also respond quite well when indoor and we should not forget that they have an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker that will blast some favourite tunes as you roll.

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Speed and battery life

They have a battery that lasts for hours. This means that it is possible to roll on a single charge all day. There are also some nice models that come with a indicator that shows when you are getting low. The batteries also charge really quickly. When moving, the balancing scooters will get quite a kick. It will be possible to do between 6 and 8 miles in an hour comfortably without having to deal with the speed wobbles and manuals that say up to 10 mph but do not max out.

The bad

You should not believe the hype that they hover as all they do is to roll.

Learning curve

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Don’t think that you will become a professional on the first day that you will give them a try. You will need to take time to get onto them. Start by placing one foot on one platform. Ensure that you remain on the platform’s centerline with the feet perfectly flat. Avoid jumping on them using other foot. Take time and in a period of 5 to 10 minutes, you will learn how you should roll around comfortably. You will find that it can be fun to learn though them and this will keep the hip flexors and abs working out. The skills for learning these items is quite different from that of electric scootering or even Segway.

Right now there is a huge group of people that is cruising in the electric self balancing skateboards standing on the 2 wheel scooters that you may have ever met throughout your life. They will ask you what it is called and where they can purchase one. While they have lots of names as we mentioned earlier, these aren’t electric hoverboards, unicycles or electric skateboards.

The ugly

The hoverbaords can be quite hard to find. While they are sold almost everywhere, they aren’t available in many store. Riding these things will be no fun if you come across bumps and tracks. The same applies for hills and slopes. They are a great choice for skaters.

Buying guide

Before you can purchase the self balancing scooters, you will need to consider various factors such as:

Quality of battery

When searching for a good hoverbaord, ensure that it is available with a good quality battery. This is important as the low quality battery can result in many issues. First, they have a shorter range and this means that it will not be possible to ride as long as you would like. The substandard batteries also cut out when the scooter is still in motion and this can cause you to be thrown forward and get injured.


Size is also an important consideration. In most cases, the scooters are usually measured using the diameter of their wheels. This is without doubt a great method for choosing the right segway.